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lorianne crook photo

Lorianne Crook

Author: Video Guy       Submitter: Staff
Tags: cons oral MF
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This story is complete fiction; and unauthorized by Miss Crook. It is purely a product of my imagination; and in no way is intended to reflect on the actual conduct, morals, activities, thoughts or deed or that person there of. This is a disclaimer.


Story of Lorianne Crook, of"The Crook and Chase show".

Lorianne was born in Nashville Tn Feb 19, 1957. Lorianne is married to Jim Owens.

During taping of her show, Lorianne was wearing a skirt, but this time no panties.

Lorianne knows guys in the audience and watching at home loves looking at her legs, so she decide to give them a little tease just for once!

As Lorianne and Charlie was talking about who's on the show, Lorianne creeps her skirt up so the camera zoom in for the little peek see?

Lorianne can imagine the guys at home are getting a good view of heaven as the camera zooms in more. Lorianne gets words in her ear piece of what guys in the audience are doing, and what she was hearing one guy had a camcorder recording the show!

Well Lorianne was getting more info on the guy with the camcorder, the info was the guy was rubbing and squeezing his crotch? Lorianne was smiling, that news she wants to know that she's making someone horny in the audiene!

When Lorianne hears she's making someone in the audience horny it makes her horny and extremely wet.

Then when they went to a commercial break, Lorianne told one of her people to bring the guy with the camcorder to her dressing room!

Lorianne was in her dressing room looking in the mirror, she pulls her skirt up to see how wet she is, she was wet.

Few minutes later, the guy with camcorder walked into her dressing room and Lorianne smiles and asked"Did you record everything, did it record when I was pulling my skirt up, and did it record what suppose to be taping my wet pussy"? The guy smiles as he nods yes!

Then Lorianne gave him a kiss on the mouth, then she squeezed and rubbed his crotch, said"Man your hard as a rock, guess it worked huh Scott"? Scott smiles as they were kissing!

Yes Lorianne knows Scott, she hired him to record something to get the audience especially the men all roused up and hopefully hard. Lorianne and Scott been having an affair for couple of years. When Lorianne married her husband Jim Owens, she thought they might have a good sex life but there wasn't any sexual attraction.

Always when they're in bed, Lorianne sleeps in the nude, she hopes Jim will want to have sex with her, but seems he didn't have no attraction toward her?

Lorianne tries to get Jim attracted to her by stroking his dick and playing with her clitoris, which didn't work at all. Then Lorianne was doing she really didn't want to do, she was licking his dick head then sliding her mouth down on it to get him aroused?

Jim was enjoying Lorianne sucking his dick and his hairy balls, but he wasn't getting a rise up, no attraction and no interest.

So Lorianne decide to have an affair, she needs sex very badly!

Her friend Scott is a son of one her best friends, he's in his early 20's. So Lorianne and Scott got together at her house for lunch when Jim was out of town on a business trip!

Scott was excited Lorianne asked him to have lunch with her.

That's when things got hot with them, Lorianne is a flirt and like teasing guys. That afternoon, Lorianne and Scott had sex for the first time, and Lorianne was indeed a happy camper! Just feeling a hard cock deep inside her wet and horny pussy made her have several orgasms!

Now when Lorianne and Scott in her dressing room they were kissing like lover on a couch, they were squeezing each other crotches.

Lorianne was feeling how hard Scott is, then she pulls his hard dick out and strokes it. Then Lorianne leans down licks his dickhead and slides her mouth on it sucking it!

Boy just feeling Lorianne's mouth on his dick gave Scott such a turn on, too bad her husband doesn't appriciate it.

Lorianne was sucking Scott's cock like when she was back in highschool, she loves sucking boys cocks in school!

Then moments later, Scott just lets go, he came so hard inside Lorianne's mouth she almost chocked. But Lorianne can take anything in her mouth even globs of hot sperm, she was swallowing all down her throat with no problem!

Then Lorianne pulls her skirt off and Scott was between those georgous hot legs tasting her black hairy pussy lips. Boy she tastes and smelled really good!

Before they got into it, Lorianne locked the door so they won't be disturbed?

Lorianne wished her husband Jim would eat her pussy like this, who she thinks is gay or just don't like how pussy taste! Lorianne did give Jim head all the time when they got married, but he wouldn't give her any tongueteasing on her pussy when she needs it?

Just when Scott was licking her so good, there was a knock at the door, then Lorianne asked"Yes who is it"? It was one of her assisstance name Carol who's Lorianne's age, she replied"Lorianne, it's almost time for the second part of the taping"!

Lorianne was trying to control herself of Scott's tongue on her pussy, she answers"Carol, I'll be out in half an hour ok"? Carol can tell Lorianne is doing something in there with someone she can hear a second voice and alittle moaning.

So Carol said ok!

As they're on the couch, Scott was sliding his wet cock inside Lorianne's pussy. Lorianne whispers"Oh god your cock feels so f--king good Scott, Jim can't even get it up to satisfy me when I suck him"!

Scott was kissing Lorianne and screwing her hot pussy.

Lorianne was so horny she was having orgasms left and right while Scott is inside her!

Then moments later, Scott just floods Lorianne's pussy with his hot gooy sperm!

After a while, they straightened up.

Lorianne told Scott it was great!

Then Scott made sure no one seen him leave Lorianne's dressing room as he went back in the audience.

Lorianne was redoing her hair and make up, she did put on panties this time, and she changed her skirt to a dress.

Few minutes later, Lorianne was out on stage with her co-host Charlie Chase doing more tapings!

It was humoured, Lorianne was having an affair with her co-host Charlie Chase? Lorianne hasn't said anything about it, or no comment? If Lorianne was having an affair with Charlie, it'll be between them and no one else?


Hope you all like this story?

Please let me know if you like it or not?
Warning: do not reads these stories unless you are 18 years or older depending on your state. All these stories contains items not suitable for young eyes so please don't read it if your not old enough and mature enough to handle it and always remember all these stories are false, 100% fictions.

These stories are complete fanfictions, all events take place only in the heads of the authors.
Yes we know the celebs don't act like this characters in real life, but these are a fantasy after all.