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fiona bruce photo

Fiona Bruce - Date With A Stranger

Author: Jack       Submitter: Anonymous
Tags: oral anal MF drugs fist BDSM nc/cons
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This story is a work of fantasy. The author makes no assertion that any person named in this story has ever, or would ever, behave in the manner described herein.


MF, BDSM, NC>Cons, Drugs, Anal, Oral, Fist

Fiona Bruce kept her lips tight shut, her eyes blazed with anger, and she struggled furiously as the stranger started to cum in her beautiful face. She would NOT take any of that revolting stuff in her mouth! NEVER! She felt the pre-cum landing on her skin, and she flinched, disgusted. It ran down her cheeks, it slickly painted her tight-squeezed lips. And then the bastard held a cloth against her nose! She fought desperately to hold her breath, but after a few seconds her mouth flew open, gasping for air. The stranger took full advantage, and shot a long string of jism into it before she could close it again. She gagged, her gorge rising. The only other time she had tasted semen she had thrown up! This time she tasted a salty, musky flavour, an oily consistency, and then a breath through her nose, and a smell of rotten bananas a pounding a wild explosive sensation of desire, and a miracle! It was as if her palate was suddenly awakened, and the previously loathsome fluid was instantly delicious! She was so shocked, so ecstatic, her mouth fell open again, and she took the full force of his orgasm - the jets filling her mouth - without protest. Before she could stop herself, she swallowed. The semen flowed down her elegant throat, and this time, for the very first time, she savoured it. For a moment she forgot that she was humiliatingly exposed, tied with fiendish skill so as to render her completely vulnerable to the Stranger's perverted attentions

It has started as a normal date. She had met the Stranger through her friend and colleague, Kirsty Wark, who had gushed fulsome praise of him, how charming he was, how cultured and sophisticated, how good looking, and especially, how intuitive he was in bed. Much later Fiona remembered the faraway look in Kirsty's eyes as she had said it. What Kirsty had NOT explained was that his intuition went all the way to the deepest, darkest recesses of his victim/lovers minds. The Stranger was sexually psychic to the extent that he could understand things about a woman's sexual nature that she might never discover herself. Kirsty had decided that Fiona would be ideal for the Stranger: Beautiful, sensual, but on the surface very straight, and with a number of preconceptions and hang-ups that were begging to be cured. The Stranger had cured Kirsty. There were things she now enjoyed that would have shamed and frightened her before she met him

Fiona was thirty-eight, tall, slim, small-breasted, with hips a little wider than perfect, and bottom a little fuller. Her face was classic beauty; wide, grey-blue, feline eyes, small straight nose, full, widish lips that could form into a dazzling smile. Her hair was a rich, mid brown, and short, with a side-swept fringe and parting. Her hands were elegant, with long, artistic fingers. Her legs were long too, with silky, sculpted thighs that spoke of strength from horse riding. Fiona looked like she could handle any mount, no matter how wild. Her air of composure was remarkable, which was why she had quickly become a very successful television presenter and news-reader.

Fiona had however become successful at the expense of her sensual nature. She had become sensible instead of sensual, though she rarely felt a pang of need or regret. Yet. In years to come this could lead to an inability to enjoy sex, men, and relationships properly. The Stranger sensed this as soon as he saw the lovely Fiona. He decided to free her. And to that that, he would first have to capture her.

The Stranger could have used a drug like Rohypnol, but he preferred seduction. He wanted his women to remember everything. He wanted them to know exactly what he had done to them, and they to him during their period of instruction. Which didn't mean he eschewed the use of drugs in his planning, he just had his own choices, and felt that he could match the drug to the woman rather accurately. He knew that Fiona would have to be brought to a state of relaxedness from her usual position of cool control. Therefore, he seasoned her Cassoulet with crumbs of hashish. This would take her insidiously, over a couple of hours, until she was sweetly stoned, and confident in his presence. The only other drug he would use on Fiona during this lesson would be Amyl Nitrate, for its ability to rapidly break down inhibitions, relax orifices, and enhance orgasm.

Kirsty answered the pre-arranged phone-call on her mobile. "I'm so sorry - I have to go right away Sam's not well," she said to Fiona and the stranger. That left Fiona alone with the Stranger, eating cre brulee. And starting to feel unusually warm, and light-headed. They seemed to be getting on marvellously well, they could hardly stop laughing, and Fiona found her eyes being drawn to his, again and again. There was a magnetic quality to this man that she was almost powerless to resist. She could feel her near dormant libido just starting to twitch, tickling her groin tweaking her nipples The Stranger saw the effect he was having, as her arousal became visible through her thin silk shirt.

Next time they laughed, he covered her hand with his, and although she was surprised and drew back slightly, she left it there, feeling the warmth of his skin, and the gentleness of his touch. She found her mind conjecturing on that hand how it would feel on her breasts sliding down her flat, smooth belly to the thicket of carefully trimmed pubic hair. She swallowed, trying to clear her throat and her head, but the images would not leave her inner eye. The conversation did not flag, but it became more fragmentary as the hash gradually took hold. By subtle, insidious degrees, the Stranger steered the talk to sex. He trod so delicately that Fiona was only vaguely aware that she was discussing her first sexual discoveries, her first orgasm, in the bath after a particularly exciting afternoon horse-riding. Her first fuck. The Stranger was of course reciprocating, he knew better than to pump Fiona for details without giving some of his own. It was joint confession time. After a while, they got down to favourite and least favourite. Fiona, blushing, admitted:
"I love a long, slow fuck, with a big cock, and a hard finish. I hate blowjobs yecchh!"
"I'll agree with the first, but not the second," Said the Stranger.
"I hate men who don't understand women" And so saying, he grasped both of Fiona's wrists, and brought her to her feet. They stood facing each other, panting slightly. The Stranger saw her slightly parted lips, saw her tongue flick slightly. He moved closer, and saw the surrender in her eyes.

Their lips met in that crucial kiss. A first kiss should have the promise of what is to come, and the Stranger felt the promise, the softness, and the lingering sweetness. Fiona felt herself being swept away by a desire stronger than any she had felt in years. She enjoyed sex, she felt it was necessary to happiness, but she had never pursued sex for its own sake for the art and soul of it. They broke from the kiss. Hearts pounding aroused, sensitised to the coming caresses. When the Stranger took Fiona by the hand and led her from the room, she was ready. She thought.

By now, Fiona was pretty stoned, though not knowing how it felt to be stoned, she thought it must have been a special Cognac, with excitement, and heat. The apartment was very warm. Warm enough for nakedness. It was a bedroom of course, softly lit, with music pulsing out of hidden speakers. There was a four poster bed, with a high silk canopy. There was the smell of incense. It was a room designed for sex. Fiona's instincts told her this, and issued a faint note of caution. Which she ignored. She stood, meekly, while the Stranger began to undress her. She was feeling high, soft, submissive. She loved the feeling of his hands unbuttoning her shirt, easing down her trousers. Peeling her panties from her moist crotch. Brushing the thrillingly sensitive tips of her puffy, swelling nipples. She moaned, quietly, and felt a little treacherous trickle of moisture running down the inside of her thigh. When he slipped his hand down her belly, and cupped her burning sex, it was exactly as her mind had predicted. But better.

She let her sex rest in the Stranger's hand, and the fleshy vulva parted easily to his questing finger. The caress on her clitoris made her gasp, and reach for the Stranger's belt.
"Not yet" He said, and slid a finger deep into her seething wetness. He led her with his finger, led her to the bed, and made her sit, thighs wide apart. He kneeled before her. He seemed to be about to worship her. Fiona lay back, and sobbed out her pleasure as his fingers parted her labia, and his tongue delved into the salty oyster. Though she utterly disliked fellatio, like many women, she welcomed cunnilingus. The Stranger felt her open to his oral caresses, and grinned, unseen. Her sex was perfectly ripe, ready for his perverse ministrations. He wondered if her anus was similarly awaiting awakening. Whether it was or wasn't; mattered not. It would suffer or enjoy his attentions anyway.

He lapped at Fiona's plumply erect clitoris, and felt her tremble, as the sensations became pre-orgasmic. Orgasm would send her into space, with the amount of hash she had unwittingly eaten. Then he could render her helpless, and teach her the ways he sensed she would eventually come to love. He had divined within her a yearning for all that she - at the moment - feared. She feared oral sex - she would learn to love drinking cum, it would become her favourite drink. She feared helplessness - He would tie her up, practicing his expertise in the art of bondage, until she was forced to break through to her subconscious longing for submission. She feared pain. He would teach her to love the whip, and the strap. One thing she loved, he would literally expand upon. She loved big cocks - he would teach her to beg for his fist!

He became excited at the thought of all this, and his tongue blurred over her clitoris until she shrieked with oncoming bliss. Waves of it smashed her, made the hash rush in her bloodstream until she was hallucinating tongues with her open eyes. The Stranger tasted the hot gush of her juices. He swallowed what he could. He loved drinking female cum as much as he loved women to drink his own. He lapped at her until she whimpered for relief, and lay weakly, her hands trailing distractedly over her flattened breasts. The stranger lifted her legs onto the bed. He held her in a close embrace for several minutes, feeling her start to drift away on the waves of the drug. Carefully he disengaged himself. Fiona lay, eyes closed, a trace of perspiration on her upper lip, a little smile on her lovely face.

The Stranger reached under the bed, and silently brought forth a steel bar, at each end of which were leather wrist-cuffs. He laid it behind her head, and gently moved her arms until her wrists were beside the cuffs. Then he moved like lightning. Fiona felt herself seized, her wrists pressed against something firm, there was a sharp 'snap' of locks closing, and she was bound! Even as she began to struggle, the Stranger clamped her ankles with another bar that held her legs apart. Now she was totally helpless. Fear seized her as sharply as the manacles. She started to scream. A powerful hand pressed against her mouth. She tried to bite it, but couldn't gain purchase. Then she felt a hard rubber ball being forced between her teeth, and a tightness at the back of her head. The gag slipped into place quickly. The stranger let go, stood back, and surveyed his wicked work.

Fiona Bruce's eyes were like a hunted animal's. She was flushed, rumpled, and so wonderfully vulnerable. Her arms and legs tried desperately to close up, to protect herself, but it was useless. She was now the property of the Stranger. He grabbed the arm-bar, and pulled her upright. Reaching up, he pulled down a pair of hooks that were concealed in the frame of the four poster. He slipped them under the bar, and pulled a line. Fiona was winched into a standing position. The entire side of the bed frame swung slowly outwards, dragging Fiona around until she was standing in a bondage frame, several feet from the bed.
"I'm sorry I have to be extreme," said the Stranger, his voice so much kinder than his acts. "I understand your fear, truly I do, and I regret it, a little. But you know fear, your whole sex-life, at present is restricted by what you fear. I am going to teach you to lose your fear - except as an aphrodisiac. I am going to teach you to be the woman you should be. A siren. A courtesan. A creature of infinite pleasure"

Fiona's muffled cries tried to contradict the Stranger's words. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. A few minutes ago she had been ecstatic. Now she knew only discomfort and humiliation. The Stranger opened a large trunk at the foot of the bed. He took out a bizarre selection of implements. Dildoes, of varying sizes lengths of silken rope a long, viciously thin schooling whip a short, thick leather tawse and a small zipped leather bag. Fiona whimpered, and a tear trickled down her beautiful face, distorted as it was with the rubber ball-gag.
"If I trusted you not to scream for help, I'd take the gag off," said the Stranger, softly. "If you trusted me you would have no need to scream unless the pleasure demands it." He added, persuasively. His voice had a throbbing, hypnotic quality, and in her sensitised, terrified state, Fiona found it actually strangely comforting. Being pragmatic by nature, Fiona decided that she would rather be able to protest vocally about pain, than not at all.
"Will you trust me or at least try to trust me?" He asked, in that soothing, deep brown voice. Slowly, Fiona nodded.

"Good you will be rewarded for your trust." He said, approvingly. He untied the gag, and Fiona spat out the rubber ball. The Stranger gently wiped her mouth, and lips, and bestowed a tender kiss upon them. Fiona was very stoned, and very confused at the signals she was receiving. Most of her was furious, or afraid, but there was a small part, just a flickering match-flame from a tiny spark that was starting to understand, to reluctantly comply, to agree with what was happening.
"Did did you do this to Kirsty?" She asked, in a hoarse whisper.
"Kirsty had her own needs - not totally dissimilar to yours - and she has learned well. She's happy, is she not?"
"Y yes"
"Do you really think your best friend would have set you up like this if she didn't trust me?"
"N no"
The stranger raised his eyebrows quizzically, and smiled.
"So, Fiona, to use a clich- you have to understand that all this is for your own good Oh Fiona, when I have finished you what a woman you will be!" He exclaimed.

He reached for the schooling whip. It was over four feet long, with a core of steel, and a short cord lash at the end. He swished it a couple of times, experimentally, a whimsical expression on his face at the sharp whistling note of it. Fiona trembled, and moaned in anticipation. She hadn't felt any kind of blow since getting the slipper from a prefect at her private school. And for a while, she felt no blow. The Stranger teased her with the lash, running it over her spread-eagled body, tracing her limbs, tickling her, making the skin break into goose-bumps. It actually felt delicious, and her nipples betrayed her pleasure. It was even inserted ever so slightly between her pouting cunt-lips. She didn't know whether to pull back, or push forward. She hung from the bar, swaying, stretched like an exquisite starfish.

The Stranger started to flick the whip lightly against Fiona's perfect skin. Hardly blows at all, really, just little hits that left barely a mark, but landed seemingly at random. He was stimulating her skin just enough to be erotic, without hurting her. He would keep this up, very gradually increasing the force, until she would find she was being whipped, and loving it! Kirsty had actually begged for it after less than five minutes. Fiona's desire was buried deeper, but slowly it began to emerge. She felt the little blows striking her thighs, her breasts, her belly, and on her bottom they were already harder than elsewhere, and made smacking sounds as the flesh received the whip. It stimulated her strangely. It wasn't pain, not as such but it should have been her helplessness in bondage seemed to enhance the sensations, making her focus on them in a new way.

The Stranger was almost ready to change tools. He was pleased with Fiona. She was responding extremely well so far, though there was still her deepest dislike to overcome. Already, he was straining at the thought of cumming in her wonderful mouth. He was whipping her fairly hard now, the cutting, slashing blows making fine red lines over her buttocks and thighs, where they were concentrated, though he occasionally flicked the lash sharply at her nipples, causing her to squeal, and the tender flesh to flinch and swell. When the lash curled onto her moist cunt, she groaned, and to her shock, nearly orgasmed. Their eyes met, and Fiona saw the 'I told you so' clearly in his. The Stranger saw hectic lust in Fiona's.

"Not yet Fiona, you need a change of pace, and you need to learn that your pleasure, for the moment, is mine alone to give."
The Stranger dropped the whip, and picked up the tawse. Fiona gulped, seeing the brutal strap swinging from the Stranger's strong hand and arm. He used it as he had used the whip, at first. Teasing her flesh, flicking it, but this time the flatness made loud smacking sounds against her tenderised skin. The cutting sensation was replaced with a broader, more familiar sensation, being spanked or slippered was more like this. But it had never made her feel so hot so shakily sensual she had never longed for it to touch her sensitive places with its wicked, split tongue The strangers pulled one of her buttocks aside, and the tawse bit against her pouting anus. Fiona shrieked A wonderful warmth spread through her groin Her head started to roll her body moving to some primal rhythm The strap smacked one breast, then the other Fiona felt the pain burst like a flower in her chest, and become pleasure too an instant later Her cunt felt burning hot her clitoris would surely explode if it were touched but the Stranger was a master of his art. The blows rained on Fiona now, biting into the flesh of her thighs, her back, her bottom each strike to her hard nipples made her let out a little shriek or near-orgasm she felt her whole body aglow, every nerve tingling and awakened by the careful, clever flagellation. Her cunt was dripping, the moisture pearling down her thighs, or splashing straight to the carpet. Fiona had never been so turned on, or so alive.

She found herself wanting the unthinkable, wanting to feel that vicious strap smacking against her tender pussy. She knew that it only had to slap her once there, and she'd come. Not that she really wanted to give the Stranger the satisfaction of being right! Every blow that didn't land THERE made her hotter still. She was writhing, as if to try and attract the Stranger to hit her pussy. She was becoming perverted. The Stranger smiled. He started to smack her inner thighs more exclusively, expertly landing the tawse closer and closer to the oozing, swollen slit of Fiona's cunt. How he loved this. To find out a woman's innermost desires, her hidden, haunted fantasies, and make them real. Fiona was resisting quite well, and he hoped she would put up as good a fight when he was teaching her about other aspects of her sexual nature. He slowed down the spanking now, so as to build her tension yet higher. He wouldn't give her what she wanted until she begged him for it. He slapped the tawse against her anus again, and heard her ragged shriek with pleasure. She was just one hit away He stroked her belly with the tawse, letting the hard leather flip back and forth. Then he slapped it against the trembling skin, the split end of it just touching the top of her pubic triangle.

"Oh God" gasped Fiona, weak with desire and need. She sensed the Stranger's intentions, and bravely tried to battle against him with her rapidly failing spirit. Her loins were betraying her. The throbbing, the hot, swamping sensations of orgasm were hovering just outside her grasp. She wanted it, and resisted it. To come now, to ask for him to make her come that would mean What would it mean? That he had defeated her? Did that matter? What mattered was the burning lust for release that tortured her Wouldn't it be easier just to take the pleasure now to surrender to free herself from her desperate longing?

"Pplease please" She whispered.
"Please what, Fiona my sweet?" The Stranger enquired.
"Make me come oh please make me come"
"And how should I do that my dear?"
"My place my special place touch it..?"
"You mean your cunt?"
"I hate that word!"
"Use it..! Or"
"I can't please oh pleeease don't make me!"
"How much do you want to come?"
"Please please smackmy cc cunt!"
"That's better now, say it again like you mean it!"
Ecstasy exploded in Fiona's loins like never before. The cunning blend of pain and pleasure had given the beautiful television presenter the best orgasm of her life! The bliss came in violent spasms, each one triggered by a stinging blow of perfectly calculated force upon her cunt. The tips of the tawse seemed to fall precisely framing Fiona's clitoris, the bud exalted in its perverse stimulation, and its wild throbbings continued for several long minutes, while the Stranger carefully timed each strike to optimise Fiona's pleasure. It was he who deemed she had had enough. Fiona was mindless. An orgasmic toy, utterly lost to the sensations of the flagellant's rapture.

"I'm going to release you for a while. Once you a rested however, we will continue." Said the Stranger. It was with enormous self-control that he didn't ram himself up her right now! His intention was to change her mind about fellatio before he gave himself the release he so badly needed. He unfastened the buckles, and let her sit on the bed. She rubbed her wrists, though the padding had hardly bruised them at all.
"Now you know that pleasure can be found through the intelligent pursuit of applied pain and how good was your pleasure?" He asked.
Fiona Bruce, most ladylike of news-readers, blushed. How could she answer him? How could she admit that once the humiliation was understood, it was the most powerful and inspiring sexual episode of her life?
Her sex was still so hot, and throbbing, and twingeing. It felt heavy, and tender it felt alive.
"It was fantastic" Fiona admitted, shamefaced.
"And would you want to feel that pleasure again?"
Fiona gulped. She knew what the answer was. She was ashamed of what the answer was. She didn't want the answer to be that
"Y yes"
Yes, how could she in the end resist that lure that feeling of utter blissful annihilation when she came? To be so powerless, so vulnerable that was a freedom in itself
"Yes. I would. I would want it again. But maybe not too often!" She said, grinning ruefully, wincing as she touched her tender vulva.
"You are right such things are best appreciated on the right occasion. They are most powerful when fresh." Said the stranger.

"There is still much you need to learn. Are you prepared to trust me now? And learn other secrets of your body and mind?"
Fiona looked deep into the Strangers dark, liquid eyes. She glimpsed knowledge in there that was frightening. He had understood her already better than she understood herself. Dare she continue? What other awful things would she discover her mind and body secretly craved? Would it not be best to leave such things alone? To live a 'normal' life? Her sex throbbed her nipples pulsed Still the aftermath of the whipping sent messages of desire to her brain She was no longer normal She had passed that point when the tawse made her come She swallowed hard, and sighed. It was now inevitable. The Stranger had taken away her free will, and she was terrified and desperately excited by what that meant!

"I I want to learnSir!" Instinctively, Fiona had acknowledged the Stranger as her Master. The Stranger smiled, benignly.
"I'm glad you do, Fiona, because I would have taught you anyway until you came to the same conclusion as you have just done."
Fiona shuddered to think of what she would have suffered had she continued to resist. But then again The game was starting to take hold of her
"I'm going to tie you up, Fiona - properly this time, not just for the exposure of your body. I am going to bind you for the pleasure of bondage!"
"I want whatever you want, Sir," said Fiona, huskily. The thought of being helpless, and more, was already stirring her deeply.

The stranger picked up a thin, silken rope, and pushing Fiona back until she lay on the bed, he trailed it over her, tickling her sensitive skin. Then he made a loop around one wrist. It had begun. Fiona felt him turn her, bend her, adjust her time and again, as the ropes gradually coccooned her. Limbs were pulled away from limbs, tied back onto themselves. Knots formed, and were pressed hard against carefully chosen points. She felt acupuncture-like stimulation on nerve centres. Each one increased the stimulation, each one made her more appreciative of the stranger's art. Where the whipping had been raw, sharp arousal, this was subtle, quiet, and ingenious. The stranger pulled a line tight along the groove of Fiona's pouting cunt. A round, hard knot pressed her clitoris with great accuracy. Fiona moaned, and flexed herself against it. The sensations started to flower, to spread and intensify. Another line was drawn up between her still reddened buttocks. A knot almost opening her anus. He tied the line so that when Fiona moved her head forwards, it rubbed her anus, when she moved her head back; the other knot rubbed her clitoris. It was all part of his plan.

At last Fiona was ready. She was on her back. Her legs were tied back onto themselves, and the knees pulled wide apart. Her ankles were linked together, so that she could hardly move her legs at all. Her arms were strapped tight to her sides, and cords criss crossed her torso, squeezing her breasts so that the nipples were almost popping from the pressure. Around her neck was a loop to which the Stranger fastened the lines from her cunt and ass

The Stranger undressed. Fiona saw his muscular body emerging from the elegant clothes. She saw his cock at last. It was turgid. It was bigger than any cock she had seen before. Almost erect, as it was it must have been nearly a foot long. And his balls were like huge plums, moving slightly in their hairy sac. The exposed tip of his glans was shiny with pre-cum. He climbed onto the bed, and picked up a slim but powerful vibrator. Fiona heard it humming, and then it touched one of her nipples, and a marvellous tingle of sexual feeling flowed from it. The nipple hardened in swift pulses, becoming more sensitive than she had ever felt it before. She rocked her head, and the knots rubbed her cunt and ass exquisitely. The vibrator touched her other nipple, and another flower of desire blossomed. She found that if she moved her head back and forth an inch or two, she could masturbate herself against the knots. It was a slow, slow, way of getting there, but she could tell already that it would give her what she desired. Then the Stranger moved, and his enormous cock was swaying in front of her face. She now had a choice. If she continued to move her head, her mouth would touch his glans. If she didn't, she would be denying herself the stimulus of the knots

For Fiona, it was a terrible dilemma. Her body was aching for orgasm, but she so hated the thought of kissing that monster. Her aversion to cock sucking was powerful. She and Kirsty Wark had talked about it. Kirsty loved sucking cocks, and had rhapsodised about the joys of swallowing cum. Fiona just felt revulsion. She closed her mouth, and steeling herself, bent her head forwards so that her lips just touched the slippery tip. A wave of nausea shuddered through her.
"I 'm sorry Sir I just can't!" She whispered, turning her head aside.
"You will learn this, Fiona it must be done"
"No I'll be sick"
"I don't think so, my dear but you obviously need to be led to it by another route"
"I think a little more applied pain might help you" The Stranger mused.

The Stranger reached into his bag of appliances, and brought out two small, metal devices.
"These, my dear, are nipple clamps. They will hurt you. They may possibly give you pleasure too. I had hoped not to need them this time but I'm afraid you give me no choice. I will attach them to you. I will tighten them. And when you are feeling enough pain, you will take my cock in your mouth!"
Fiona whimpered with fear. This was not what she had anticipated at all! But she couldn't face that horrible taste, the deep disgust she felt.
The Stranger saw the fear in her eyes, and also the defiance. He smiled. He loved a challenge!

He whistled to himself as he squeezed the sides of the first clamp, opening it, slipping it over Fiona's erect nipple, and slowly closing it. Fiona felt the sensation change from pleasant pressure, through ever-darker degrees of pain. She panted, and tried to resist. Which of course stimulated her clitoris and anus more than ever. The pain was hot it was red and as the second clamp was applied, it began to do strange things to her. They hurt like hell; they seemed to burn and sear into her tender teats but the feelings were being corrupted somewhere deep in her psyche. What was agony, was also a bizarre form of pleasure. She flushed, she gasped, and her head rocked faster.

The Stranger was surprised, but not annoyed. He had sensed her hidden need for pain as pleasure, but he had not anticipated that her threshold would be this high. He reached into his bag, and brought out two more devices. With no explanation this time, he attached the vicious little clips to the swollen lips of her cunt! Fiona screamed, and a weird, half-orgasmic wave made her twist and writhe. He flicked them and pulled her fleshy labia apart until they stretched out obscenely. Still she would not give in! She was actually biting her lips and shivering with strange rapture. The Stranger decided that he would cut to the chase, and risk a vomiting victim. His need to cum was over-powering now. He could wait no longer He took a small brown bottle of Amyl Nitrate from the bag, and loosened the cap.

Straddling Fiona's heaving torso, he thrust his cock at her face, and started to pump it.
"I am never wrong about this you will come to love my cum as you love the whip, as you love the ropes"
"YES!! YES!!" The Stranger pumped his cock with a blurring fist, and felt he long awaited orgasm rise through him like shaken champagne about to blow its cork!

In less than half a minute, it had all changed. Fiona Bruce was sucking cum straight from the Stranger's cock, her own orgasm making her choke and splutter the copious seed all over her chin. She found her mouth was yearning for the cum even as it flooded her. All the pain, the helplessness was focussed on that magnificent, spurting shaft! The thick semen coated her mouth, filled her throat so that she had to swallow almost continuously. She had never known a man cum like this before. So much and because of her! She felt a sense of triumph to have caused this. The knots on her clitoris and anus were soaked, harder than ever, and triggering spasms that made the cruel clips and clamps throb wildly. She had not imagined that anything could equal the ecstasy of her whip-orgasm. This was even wilder!

At last the semen flood stopped, and Fiona could relish the last of it as it slid down to her belly. In a daze, she felt the Stranger pull himself from her mouth. The clamps and clips were gently loosened and removed. The aftermath hurt more than the torture itself, for a few minutes, and Fiona sobbed a little as normal sensations returned.
"Now, Fiona, if I ask you to suck my cock what will your answer be?"
"Yes please," said Fiona, submissively willingly.
"Then do it Do it and I will feed you my nectar again"
Fiona opened her sperm painted lips, and sighed as the huge glans filled her mouth. It felt enormous, and it throbbed, though it had softened considerably.

Fiona's mouth was becoming used to the Stranger's huge cock, though she could only take the first few inches of it. She could feel it swelling as she tongued and sucked it rhythmically. She could hardly believe it. After all these years she was giving a blowjob, and it was SO exciting! The massive shaft bumped and rubbed against her white, even teeth, the thick veins rippled her stretched lips, and the taste and smell of him suffused her. The Stranger felt himself pushing against the back of her throat. He nudged it, testing. He felt the tightness, the smoothness of her membranes. He wanted to go deeper

Fiona felt him moving. While keeping himself in her mouth, he arranged her so that her head was hanging back, over the edge of the bed. He looked at her long, white neck, and smiled.
"Take a deep breath my dear and try not to panic," he said, bluntly.
Fiona, not really knowing what to expect, obeyed.
The Stranger waited until she had filled her lungs with air, and then, holding her head firmly with both hands, he thrust, hard, forcing his length way down her throat. He saw her neck swell and bulge as the thick inches filled it. Fiona made muffled, terrified sounds as her body was deeply invaded, in a way she could not have anticipated. The first time, she took nine inches into her gullet. It stunned her that she could feel him like this. He drew out a little, pushed deeper. She started to choke, and squeal, until the Stranger slowly unsheathed himself. He was panting with desire for this exquisite creature, this middle class fantasy woman.
"Very good Fiona my sweet, we will make a proper cock-sucker of you yet!" He exclaimed, while Fiona gasped for more air.
"We will continue open that pretty mouth again, and take another deep breath."
This time, Fiona didn't argue.

She was prepared for him, and her throat opened more readily. The Stranger groaned with pleasure as he sank inch after inch of his foot long shaft into her. The sight of it sinking into her, as if she was a sword swallower made him shake to his toes. The strange swelling in her neck advanced, creeping down, down, until it was through, and into her oesophagus. He cried out as his balls touched her nose. He jerked his hips, and her lips were buried in his thick black pubes!
Fiona's throat was impaled upon a foot of thick manhood. It felt very strange, this fullness. It was not yet a pleasure for her, but she could handle it. She was doing it for the man who had given her the best orgasms of her life. It was her pleasant duty!
The Stranger quickly began to fuck Fiona's throat, feeling the awesome tightness squeezing him along his entire length, dragging the sensitive skin back until it hurt. He drew out again after half a dozen strokes, and let her get her breath again, before plunging straight urgently back in.

It felt glorious, and he knew he would come again, very soon. He leaned over, and picked up the tawse. The Stranger smiled as he suddenly whipped Fiona's cunt hard, in time with each stroke of his cock. She couldn't scream, she couldn't protect herself, and the pain of the pussy whipping was harsh, and brutal, but strangely beautiful. The cord knot on her clitoris was smacked against the erect nub by the force of the blows. She was almost instantly pre-orgasmic, and her juices oozed and flowed in a clear, steady stream. He stopped when he sensed she was becoming short of oxygen. He withdrew until she was ready again.
"Do you want it? Do you want my cum?" He gritted. Long strands of pre-cum were dribbling onto Fiona's face; he tongue instinctively sought them.
"Shall I make you come with the tawse while I cum in your mouth?"
"Oh yes Sir please Sir!" Husked Fiona, hardly able to speak from the throat-reaming.
With his free hand, the Stranger picked up the Poppers, and opened the bottle. "Sniff this and I will sniff it too"
Fiona felt his cock re-enter her mouth, pushing, thrusting, pumping deeper and deeper. The tawse made her cunt blaze. Shooting flames of pain and delight blinded her as the drug rushed in her brain. Then she felt the cock swell suddenly, and felt a liquid explosion deep inside. Her cunt came to the thwacking, cruel caress of the tawse. The Stranger came in the same rhythm. His semen jetted straight down her tract to her belly until her weak squeak told him she was suffocating. He whipped his still spurting cock out, and held it just inside her mouth, so that the hot rain of cum filled it in a sticky, silvery pool. Fiona shuddered as the taste of it hit her again. Now she loved it, really loved it. Her spasming cunt was gaping around the rope, her clitoris sending dazzling arcs of rapture to her brain. She guzzled the cum greedily, soothing her battered throat with its salty balm, lapping at his oozing glans, and suckling it until there was no more. The tawse slapped her weakly, a final time, and the Stranger dropped to his knees, his face above hers.
"You are so, so beautiful!" He whispered, and kissed her, passionately, tasting himself unashamedly.

It was time for a break. The Stranger carefully untied Fiona, rubbing the circulation back into her hands and feet. Her skin was criss-crossed with the pattern of the ropes.
"The marks will fade quickly Come, let me bathe you you have travelled a long way, my sweet Fiona but there is still so far to go!


Fiona felt as weak as a kitten. Her body was aching and sore. Her cunt was bruised, and tender to the touch. Even as she closed her legs, she felt its hot throbbing. It was like an animal nestling down there, pulsing, trembling from the excessive stimulation. She realised though that he must have been incredibly precise with the force he used. It hurt in the sweetest, most wincingly good way The Stranger led her to the shower, and soaped her down, his hands as gentle as they had previously been cruel. Fiona whimpered as he rubbed her nipples. The clamps had left them seemingly permanently erect. He sponged her cunt, making her knees weaken when his thumb grazed her clitoris. Though she had had three orgasms of increasing intensity in the last hour, she felt as if she had just woken up. She wondered, with dread and delight, what else was in store for her.

Fiona was patted dry with a soft towel, and taken back to the bedroom. She lay on the bed, and the Stranger moved around the room, arranging mirrors.
"It's good to see," Said the Stranger, enigmatically.
He brought juice for her to drink, and they talked for a while, the Stranger helping Fiona to understand how she could enjoy what they had just done. He lit a joint, and thought she hadn't smoked since university, Fiona accepted it, and drew in the strong smoke. At first she coughed, but soon she remembered how to hold it down. Very quickly, she felt even more stoned than the hash cassoulet had already made her. The buzz tickled her libido. The Stranger was prepared.

"You told me that you like being fucked by big cocks So I wondered if you would care to find out just how big?"
Fiona took a sip of juice. She did love the feeling of being opened, stretched, and filled Though she had not met a man as well endowed as the Stranger before, she had had an affair with a man who sported a fine nine inch prick. He had made her come better than anyone else until the Stranger. She had seen the dildoes. Her pussy had been whipped until it burned perhaps some fucking would soothe its fire. Already she realised the change in her thinking was quite remarkable!
"I think I would like that very much!" She said, sincerely.

Fiona was arranged against the pillows, half-sitting up. She could look down her body to where the Stranger kneeled, between her thighs. He picked up a tube of vaseline.
"This will help you are very wet already, but there can never be too much lubrication" He smoothed the vaseline over her mons, generously on her vulva, and lifting her legs, he anointed the little rosebud of her virgin anus.
She hadn't told him she was an anal virgin, but of course, he knew

"I think we'll start here," he mused, and sank a slippery finger firmly into her rectum.
Fiona gasped. She had never let anyone play with her bottom. But the Stranger was different. If he could make deep-throating an orgasmic delight for her, then she would trust him with her ass. He made sure she was thoroughly lubricated, and then he picked up a medium sized rubber dildo.
"Hold your legs back, I need your anus to be completely exposed," He told her. Fiona did so.
"Aaahhh.!" She cried, as she felt her sphincter being spread and stretched. The Stranger knew she was already hot, so he thrust the dildo straight into her.
Fiona felt it slide up the unfamiliar passage. It felt instantly good. It felt great!
"Why didn't I think of this before?" She groaned, moving her ass into the deepening thrusts. The Stranger laughed.
"Why Miss Bruce, how you've changed your tune! A couple of hours ago you would have slapped my face for suggesting it!"
"Mmmmm so you've made me a slut you bastard Oooo. Yes more!" She giggled.
She felt so different. She was with the Stranger now, part of the quest

"I think I think we could try a bigger one?" She suggested, shyly, smiling. The Stranger smiled back at her.
"This means a lot to me too," he said, as he laid aside one dildo, and picked up another, much bigger. As thick as his own cock. He pushed it into her ass before she could tense on it. The huge glans tucked itself into her gaping bottom-mouth, and she whimpered as she had little tremors from the stretch of it. This one was more work. Fiona flinched, and twisted, trying to make fit it into her. The deeper and the thicker it was
"I love this oh Sir Fuck my bottom Sir!" She panted.
"Look at yourself Fiona look in the mirrors how happy you are did you ever imagine you could be this happy, just from sex?" He asked, smoothly reaming her rectum with the massive shaft.
"I don't think I ever had sex before this not sex with a capital SSSSsssssss!" She hissed , as he manoeuvred the dildo deeper still.
The Stranger was delighted with Fiona. He had won her implicit trust. He could do what ever he liked with her. Well, she had the hips for it. She appeared to have the elasticity He would make her into a Wide Woman. Just like he had with Kirsty Wark, Selina Scott, and and most recently Kate Beckinsale.

He had created a number of Wide Women. They were his favourites. They flowered for the fist. Fists. Yes, they were his special favourites. And Fiona was ready for it to happen, prepared by his very special lessons. He ruffled her cunt-lips with his knuckles, his thumb caressing her clitoris. He pumped her beautiful ass, until the dildo was flying, and Fiona was awed at the depth to which she was taking it. She saw it in the mirror, sinking way up her, pressing her diaphragm. She felt an orgasm approaching, and let it well up unhindered.
"MmmmmmmmmmmmYESS!!" She cried, as a spasm gripped the hard dildo, and also the three fingers that had suddenly plunged into her cunt.
The Stranger drew out quickly. He didn't want her too come too hard right now, just enough to loosen her for the main event...

Once the tremors had ceased, he placed his knuckles between her labia once more. He twisted and turned them, rubbing, thrusting, feeling to see where there was the most 'give.' He found a place that was treacherously soft, and concentrated on it with the points. As it began to open, he made his fingers into a cone, and slickly screwed them into her parted vulva. They sank in several inches before the increasing thickness stopped them. He screwed them round a half-turn, and felt her wriggle herself towards him. She wanted it. She wasn't sure what it was, but she wanted it. Her sex was feeling magnificent, it was hosting the best party of its life, and the fuller the party got, the hotter it became, and, the better it felt. When he twisted his fingers again, she helped him with her hips, rotating against him. She held her breath, her eyes were bulging, she could feel those muscles the one's deep in her cunt they were stretching so slow keep it slow then faster He was strong. The flesh was weak. He reached for the poppers.
He held the bottle up for Fiona, who sniffed at once, her mind rioting with the wildest of surmises.
"Are you ready?" Growled the Stranger.
"Yes now NOW!!!" Shouted Fiona, feverishly. The drug ripped through her senses, and her eyes saw a man's hand turning, pressing and
Sinking slowly
Widening her obscenely
Hovering where the knuckles were broadest
Suddenly sliding through the tightness
"OH SIRSir sir you've got your hand in my cunt!" Fiona exclaimed, her voice throaty with lust.
She sees the truth of it in the mirror. Her vulva encircling that mass of man. The Stranger thrusts again, twisting cleverly side to side the fine line of tightness that burns Fiona shrinks slowly as his hand narrows to where her distended vulva grips the Stranger
"Oh JESUS Christ!!"
Wrist deep.

The rush of the Poppers faded, but the astonishing sensation of heavy fullness remained. Fiona's cunt was being steadily pounded, the Stranger giving her no respite, though she wanted none. He fucked her until she could return his thrusts with her own, and then he slowed, to let her enjoy the brand new sensation.
"There are few women I could have taken like that You are very special, sweet Fiona your cunt is so beautiful so rich See how the lips expand and contract around my hand"
"Yes it feels beautiful it looks beautiful"
She became hypnotised by the site of her vulva stretching and contracting around the fist. The stretching was making her incredibly aroused. Her whole body trembled each time he pulled. He twisted his fist near her entrance, until she groaned piteously for him to fuck her.

Fiona thrashed her head in glory. The Stranger lovingly crammed his hand into her womb. Fiona shrieked, and bit her finger until it bled. He found new space in her now, and decided to make the first proper fist for her. She saw her flat stomach move strangely as his fingers turned and curled inside. It made the fullness even heavier, more solid. Fiona made soft little sounds in her throat. Her hips twitched sensuously with each renewed thrust. Soon his fist was sweetly pumping her lusciously moist cunt, insanely sexual sounds emanating from their union.

He screwed his knuckles against her cervix until she came, blinded by extreme ecstasy. As her eyes whipped past a mirror, she saw that inches of his thick forearm were now inside her. She howled her delight to the moon, to the Stranger, to the world!
"My fist-fucking Angel!" Purred The Stranger, gouging spasm after spasm from his latest conquest.

Fiona felt odd, sexy, itchy, restless the orgasm had not satisfied her at all, beautiful though it had been. The Stranger had uncovered a hunger in her; appetites over which she had little control. Her staid, conservative up-bringing would never have allowed her the feelings and urges she had now developed, had she not met the Stranger. Her newly awakened sexual imagination made a suggestion, and she trembled at the thought of it.
"W would you like to tie me up and fist me some more use me like before but with your fist too?" She asked the Stranger.
"So my fist-fucking angel is an insatiable bitch as well!" The Stranger laughed, happily.
He slowly drew his fist from Fiona's still quivering cunt.
"I feel so empty" She sighed sadly, as it slid out. She caught her breath as the thickness made her briefly gape.
"We'll take care of that right away," said the Stranger, and reaching into his trunk, he brought out a rubber fist, life-sized, woman-sized.
"Oh wow what an incredible toy!" exclaimed Fiona, her voice greedy and impressed.
The Stranger quickly vaselined the fist, and nuzzled it between Fiona's still gaping labia.
"Oooof!!" She cried, as he very suddenly thrust and twisted, plunging it into her in one go. It was smaller than his own hand, and comparatively easy to penetrate her with. She pulled her legs right back, opening herself to it, and sobbed with pleasure as it filled and comforted the emptiness.
"You can exercise those muscles, and keep it in you while I tie you. If it falls out I may have to punish you" Said the Stranger, a hint of steely threat in his voice.
"Whoops!" Said Fiona, squeezing her cunt on the fist until it slithered right out.
She looked into the Stranger's eyes, her own dancing with excitement, seeing the promise of retribution in his.
She reached down, and taking the rubber fist, she pulled it hard, into herself again. She grunted softly, feeling it fill those hungry walls, and bit her lip like a naughty child.
"That was bad, wasn't it!" She mused.
"Very wicked and it will be dealt with in due course." Said the Stranger, evenly.
He picked up the first length of silken cord, and looped it around Fiona's ankle.

As each of her limbs was immobilised, her heartbeat seemed to increase with her excitement. He tied her as ingeniously as before, but this time he used the frame of the four poster as well. One of her legs was doubled and tied, heel to buttock. The other was pulled back, and wide, tied to one of the posts. Her arms were bound together above her head, and tied to the head-rail. The Stranger twitched a drape, and uncovered a beautiful copper ceiling mirror.
"Oh Wow! Gasped Fiona, drinking in the sight of her own, cleverly restrained body. The fist was still inside her, and she was getting sweet little spasms from gripping on it.

The Stranger looked at his handiwork, and found it good. The lovely Fiona looked utterly fuckable. Her expression was deliciously depraved, so different from her almost ice-queen composure of a few hours before. He kneeled on the floor - Fiona's bottom was on the edge of the bed - and tugged out the rubber-fist. He squeezed a long string of vaseline into her cunt, and rubbed it over his hands. Smiling, He dug two fingers from each hand into the softness, and pulled them apart. Fiona's cunt was an open cave, wet, shiny, moving The Stranger made a fist, pointed the knuckles, and began to twist hard in the part open hole. Fiona felt the hardness against her softness, and wished she could bite her own knuckles as she began to open. The fist strained against her, jerking slightly as the Stranger kept on testing for movement. This time was going to be without the help of poppers. Tears came to her eyes as the stinging pain doubled and re-doubled. The Stranger heard her mewing and sobbing, and smiled. She was not protesting. She was a masochist, for sure! He leaned hard on his rigid arm, his fist poised near the point of no return. He waited for a moment, a second of calm. Fiona whimpered, and her cunt quaked. The Stranger felt the treacherous moment of surrender, and with a slow satisfying slurp, he twisted in, his big fist penetrating the barely protesting cunt in one long thrust.
"It's good to have you back!" Sighed Fiona, shakily, blinking the tears away as sensuality embraced her once more.
"It's good to be back!" Concurred the Stranger, heartily.

The first fisting had opened her up. This one really started to give her the full taste of it. The Stranger moved his hand around, testing, searching, folding and unfolding his fingers, fluttering them against her cervix while she cawed, and strained. Her eyes kept returning to the mirror, to the sight of his arm moving back and forth, and the hugeness of his fist half emerging, and then sinking, smoothly, rippling her tunnel like a big hard wave. He stretched her vulva further and further at the retreat of each thrust. She whined, and her pelvis squirmed with delight. The stranger let her revel in it for a while, and then, at the apex of a long pull, he let his clenched fist pop right out. Fiona gasped, and then:
"OOOOFFF!" She gasped, an he punched it right back in.
Then he drove her totally over the edge. He kept on popping the rim of her cunt, slowly at first, then faster and faster, his broadest part squeezing in and out of the tightness, giving her the maddest friction. She was so sexed-up that she could no longer think. The sight of his fist repeatedly penetrating her was pure pornography, and it felt as good as an orgasm on its own!

The penetrations were relentless, but the strokes lengthened, so that the Stranger could poise his fist, hovering an it an inch from Fiona's gaping vulva, and then sink it to the depths of her womb, in a single breath-taking swoop! He could feel the deep internal quivers and shudders on his knuckles, on his wrist. His cock was getting hard yet again from the incredible sensations of fist-fucking. He wondered if she would agree to fist-fuck him But he resolved to keep that treat for another occasion. Meanwhile, the increasing slackness of Fiona's luscious cunt inspired him to another perversion. He had tied her so that her asshole was as exposed as her cunt, and as he fisted her, it pouted, winked, and beguiled him. He moved so that he could put his oozing glans against the moist, in-rolling rosebud, while his hand was still in her sex.
"Oh Sir Don't break me" begged Fiona.
"This won't break a woman like you this will merely expand your horizons" He responded. He poised himself, rummaging inside her until he found the right place for his hand to make space in her lower tract.
"OOoooooHHH!! IT HUUUUURRRRTS!!" Cried Fiona, but she didn't say stop.
The Stranger pulled back, and found the poppers. He held the bottle under her nose, and she sucked up the fumes hungrily.

He eased his hand to the right place again, and as the Amyl Nitrate made Fiona hysterical with lust, he rammed his cock into her protesting rectum. It was fiendishly tight. It was exquisite!
"MMmmmm ddon't stop please push it deeper!" Fiona gasped, her low musical voice becoming hoarse and ragged from the cries of pain and pleasure.
The Stranger shimmied his powerful hips, and his snake-like cock slithered half-way into the beautiful TV news reader/presenter. He could feel it moving with his buried hand, sliding along his wrist, and on, to places deeper inside her body than his hand could reach. He had taken many woman this way, but few had the natural depths of Fiona - her ass was more like that of a man inside, there were valves leading the intrepid explorer deeper into the mystery of anal penetration... He knew that one day soon he would fist her there, and his cock pulsed at the thought of how deep he might travel, once she could accommodate the thickness

The Stranger began to fuck Fiona Bruce in the ass and cunt, pushing in his cock, his hand, making her squeal and shake, tugging impotently at the cords, her inability to respond properly getting her hysterically aroused. The tightness inside her made Fiona grimace and bare her teeth. She looked fierce, desperate. Depraved. The dull certainty of her middle-class life was shattered, and in its place a glittering, sizzling world of sensual discovery beckoned.
"Take me there!!" Fiona gasped, tossing her head, seeing fractured images of her ravishment in the mirrors. She felt that incredible cock body-fucking her, somewhere high in her guts, and the fist, clenching, relaxing, churning her wetness into a seething foam. She was on the edge of orgasm, hovering there, longing for it like she never had before. If only he would caress her clitoris just once!

The Stranger was fully aware of Fiona's incredible need, and just wanted to revel in her remarkable body for a few more moments. He wanted to make her come at full stretch, and to do this he had a foolproof method. Reluctantly dragging himself from her ass, he steered his cock to where his wrist was pumping.
He prised her labia back with a finger, and inserted his glans, crushing it against the heel of his hand, distorting her vulva strangely until it surrendered.
"Oh you beast you beautiful beast!" Raved Fiona , her hips heaving to meet the downward pressure. The magical stretching sensation intensified was it pain? She didn't care She loved it she craved it The Stranger gritted his teeth, and thrust, hard, mercilessly.

"It will IT WILLL IT WILL GO IN!!!" Shrieked Fiona, almost laughing as the huge cock joined the big fist in her amazing cunt. Her ravaged vulva squeezed in with it for an inch or more, before it spread back, clinging to the bizarre contour of wrist and shaft. The Stranger ran a finger round the rim, clearing the swollen lips so that he could start to fuck her freely. It was a slow, glutinous fuck now, hot, slippery, and so, so tight. The Stranger moved his hand, and in a stroke of genius, he gripped his cock with it, deep in Fiona's cunt!! Fiona had the rare pleasure of having a man fuck his own fist, while that fist fucked her!! Her hips danced crazily, her wrists and ankles strained at the cords.
"Oh make me come please make me come oh my god I have to come oh PLEEEAASSE!" She wailed.
And at last, the Stranger showed her his mercy. He continued to steadily pump her as he held the Amyl Nitrate to her nose. He dropped the inhaler where he could pick it up himself, and attacked her clitoris with the fingers of his free hand.
Fiona got her wish. She felt the rush and the welling rapture rising like a tidal wave in her loins until it smashed against her. She roared, twisting, writhing, tugging desperately, her helplessness enhancing the orgasm incredibly - as if it needed it! Her cunt spasmed agonisingly on the Stranger's cock-gripping fist. Tears poured down her beautiful face, her mouth was contorted into a rictus of inhuman bliss. Her whole body seemed to join in. It was so intense that when she began to piss herself, she didn't even notice, it was just one more sensation of pleasure and release.

Losing control of her bladder, Fiona wet herself. The pee splattered over the Stranger, and he loved it that he had driven Fiona to such extremes. He just managed to hold back his own orgasm. He wanted to shoot in her mouth again, her lovely face deserved to be bejewelled and pearled with his cum. And he knew how she would love to taste it. It would be his final gift to her that night.

As her cunt spasms weakened, he drew out his cock. He had tied her so that he was able to crawl beside her, his fist still slowly plunging in and out of her. He took a long sniff of poppers, dropped the inhaler, and gripped his cock, pummelling it furiously until it erupted, the amyl making the thin, almost clear cum of his fourth orgasm splatter out with devilish force
"Gahh Ahhh Mmm Yah. Cum ooh cummmmm." Gurgled Fiona, her mouth gulping and gasping for the shower of hot semen. Her cum phobia was utterly erased now, she would be eager to taste any man she fucked. The Stranger's semen splashed and dribbled on her face like rain, her tongue catching stripes and gobbets of it. It was the icing on her cake, the cream in her coffee.

As she sucked in his softening glans, her tongue lashing the drops from his tip, the Stranger gently drew his fist from her slack, sodden, cunt. It came out still clenched, with a slow sucking noise that spoke of a long, open tunnel behind it. Fiona's cunt would never be quite the same again. And she was as glad of it as was he. It had taken just three hours to turn Fiona Bruce from a hung-up home counties prude, to a cum-thirsty, fist-fucking slut!

Much later, in her own bed, Fiona couldn't help touching herself as she remembered what the beautiful Stranger had done to her. It was then that she discovered that with just a little effort, and no significant pain, she could slide her own hand into her holy of holies. Fiona could now fist-fuck herself! And that was how she slept. And woke up.

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